The King’s Runaway Crown A Coronation Caper

The King’s Runaway Crown A Coronation Caper


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The day of the new king’s coronation has arrived. It’s a stupendous day, an exciting day, a MOST important day – and everyone, from the King’s butler to the palace guards, is feeling nervous. They’re all getting ready when Colin, the King’s Jack Russell, grabs the crown and runs away. Soon, he is being chased by the butler, the guards – even the pigeons and crowd gathered for the event!
But it takes little Violet, aged 5, to work out what the problem is. Maybe Colin is nervous about his important new job as the King’s dog. Actually, everyone else admits they’re nervous too – especially the King, who has the biggest job of all.
Can Violet help get Colin and the crown back to the King in time for the coronation? A fun royal caper covering themes of anxiety, empathy and community in a light-touch and warm-hearted way. With a non-fiction page about coronations at the end of the book.


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