Into Xinjiang

Into Xinjiang


Category: Crime & Thrillers
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When a seemingly innocent photograph in the streets of Beijing ignites a nationwide manhunt, a desperate flight for freedom begins and young British traveller Daniel Weaver finds himself running for his life. Using his wits, misdirection and a change of identity, Dan flees through the deserts of northern China in his pursuit of freedom. Mid-flight he crosses paths with an American tour guide named Lisa, who promises to help Dan escape, but her motivations remain unclear while a billion people search for the young backpacker. Is anyone who they say they are?

Caught in the middle of a political scandal Dan is way out of his depths in a country where he doesn’t speak the language and must evade the army, police, media and everyone in between. Little does he know the real reasons for his terrifying predicament, but his fate was sealed within twenty-four hours of landing. Dan must escape from China unseen or face a lifetime of incarceration for a crime he had no part in.

All he knows is that he must run.


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